Industrial Internet Of Things Platform

Fastest Risk-free Reliable way to turn Internet of Things data into business outcome

Businesses gain competitive advantage by instrumenting value chains with IoT sensors and applying Machine Learning and Big Data analytics. Usually it is expected that these initiatives are risky, expensive, require deep technology expertise and have long development cycle. It does not have to be this way. Let us help you to transform IoT data into business outcome rapidly and execute it reliably.

Prove value of your data without major investment

Whether your goal is

  • increased visibility (into products, processes and customers),
  • improved operational efficiency (uptime, assets utilization, predictive maintenance)
  • or the emergence of outcome economy

we will help you to confirm feasibility of the desired outcome, understand full potential or limitations of your data prior to investment. Here is how we do it:

  • We dive into specifics of your business domain, understand existing data, assist with instrumentation of new measurements for sampled products or processes
  • Then we select, combine, apply and tune specialized analytics and machine learning algorithms, optimizing it for the best result
  • Finally, confirmation of feasible business outcomes, new insights, recommendations and supportive evidences are delivered to you to facilitate your best informed decision

Exploit value of your data continuously and reliably

The step from exploration phase to real production is not that big as the technology powering it. If you decide to deploy the explored models and realize the benefits of IoT data constantly, WebIntrinsics IoT platform will help you to achieve it rapidly and execute it reliably.

Applications enablement backed for rapid development of your applications layer, serving value chain

REST API (JSON) for multi-model Big Data storage supports Structured, Unstructured, Time-series data and Streams

Flexible data model specifiable by JSON-Schema with extensions, like data retention period and concurrent access control

Text term search, geo-search, relationship traverse, range queries, server-side custom logic scripting (JavaScript)

Distributed multi-client subscription to notifications on changes in the storage and re-playable message queues with 'at-least-once' delivery guarantee


Integrated Analytics Engine for smart and automated extraction of business value (decisions) out of IoT data

Configurable visual analytics and reporting

Configurable alerting and rule-based analytics over Fast Data

Advanced analytics at scale, powered by unsupervised and supervised machine learning (Apache Spark, MLlib)

BI analysis, ad hoc SQL querying, custom exploration and data science research with help of interactive Apache Spark notebooks


Distributed Secure Cluster for reliable, sustainable and seamless execution

Unified on premises, in a cloud or hybrid deployment. Requires multi-node consumer-grade hardware

Resilient cluster survives (in most cases without downtime) various forms of outages, like network partitioning, loses of storage devices and node outages

Automation of development (eg. sandbox provisioning) and operations (eg. scalability, replication, rollover upgrade)

Encryption at-rest, encryption on-wire (client-to-cluster & inter-node) and AAA security (OAuth2 authentication, ACL based authorization)


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